ZEE TV’s Woh Apna Sa is witnessing high voltage drama and twists with Jhanvi facing lots of difficulties.

Jhanvi loves Aditya and his family alot so she is trying every possible way to help and protect Babasa. Initially Babasa was arrested by the police because of Nisha. This time Nisha to play another dirty game. She wants to hurt Jhanvi as she knows that Jhanvi is in love with Aditya.

So Nisha sends goons to attack Babasa with the help of sticks, acid and stones. Jhanvi saves Babasa from the goons but hurts herself badly. Acid spills over her hand. She saves Babasa but hurts herself protecting the family. Nisha gets furious seeing Jhanvi’s over concern. She again plans something to hurt Jhanvi again. Let’s see what Nisha has in store for Jhanvi.