Ek Duje Ke Vaaste is all set for the BIG drama sorting out all the misunderstandings amid Shravan and Suman. Lastly, we reported about big twist in Suman-Aditya marriage, read it by clicking here.

In the coming episode, on wedding day of Suman and Aditya right before the main rituals, the big drama unfolds. Suman and Aditya marriage will get cancelled after everyone comes to know Aditya harasses Suman, and Nana Jee will feel guilty. But it looks Suman will be marrying someone and the person is Shravan? As per the new report, someone will offer Shravan’s alliance with Suman? Will the couple finally get married or there will be a small delay? Lets wait and watch!


  1. This is the news of the day! I am sooooooooooooo much happy that I just can’t wait for the upcoming episodes of EDKV. I am waiting with bated breath. This beautiful couple has won millions of hearts and the viewers deserve a breath-taking drama after which SHRAMAN will finally get united. Thank u Sony Admn.


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