Life OK’s Ghulam is witnessing high end drama with lots of twists and turns. Shivani’s weight increasing drama has already created lot of chaos in Rangeela’s life put him in danger.

Now Shivani has taken a drastic step which no one could even dare to think in Berahampur. She has changed 25 years long history. She hit Veer twice with a heavy thing on his head and he is bleeding. Everyone is panicked and shocked. His mother is crying and father fumes with anger on Shivani.

On the other hand Shivani has done this blunder and she ran away to come and hide in Rashmi’s room. But Veer’s father is trying to find out Shivani especially in Rashmi’s room. Rashmi’s husband comes and tells Veer’s dad to search Shivani outside. He even threatens Shivani but just to show in front of everyone. Actually he is protecting Shivani. So let’s hope Shivani doesn’t get caught.