Colors Naagin Season 2 has been topping the trp charts right from it’s first episode. A beautiful blend of fantasy and fiction it’s first season was even breathtaking.

Naagin Season 2 shows primarily the revenge of a daughter Shivangi whose mother Shivanya was mercilessly killed by five murderers including her sister Shesha. Shesha was in love with Ritik previously in season 1 but he loved Shivanya. In the second season she is in love with Rocky but he ultimately gets married to Shivangi.

There’s a new entry of Vindhya Tiwari as Takshika who is a powerful naagin. Shesha is already 119 years old strong naagin but now Shivanya will use Takshika’s powers and kill Shesha. After all she was one of the closest and dearest relation who killed her mother Shivanya. So are u excited to watch the end of Shesha