Rishi and Tanuja will continue to face new problems and difficulties in the upcoming episodes of the daily soap. Rishi and Tanuja’s separation has been very painful but the reunion would be beautiful too.

Post the leap will take place in Colors TV’s Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki, Tanuja will shift to abroad and that would be indeed a difficult time for them to stay away. We know that Tanuja will have new man in her life but what about Rishi?

He will be seen playing boxing in the ring and luckily he would not be married to Nethra. Furthermore, when RIshi will be boxing in the ring, he will get badly injured in coming episode of Colors TV’s Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki.

We will later see that Manpreet will reveal about an NRI man who would be actor Amit Tandon and new man in Tanuja’s life. He will tell Rishi about Amit bought stocks in their company. Let’s see what’s next in store for the viewers?