Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will soon witness a big twist where Sonakshi-Ritwik alliance will get fixed.

In the coming episode, even though, Ritwik and Sonakshi’s alliance is arranged marraige. Ritwik will start liking Sonakshi from the first few meetups! Well, Dev will watch Sonaskhi-Ritwik together and he will turn furious! Lets see what Dev will do other than crying…


  1. Any guy in his right senses will fall for Sona….the entire world is not as stupid as you Mr. Dixit. Get her bck & speak to your mommy dear b4 she marries Ritvik. Ths time it wil b twice as difficult to get Sona coz obviously her family wil object. Dekte hain kaise manaoge Sona aur uski family ko.


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