Sonakshi and Dev in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Image Courtesy: SETIndia

Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will continue to entertain the viewers with highs and lows in life of Dev and Sonakshi in the upcoming episodes of the show.

We have seen how Dev takes Sona to drop home overhearing and remembering Radha Rani’s evil words. Dev is tensed and Sona keeps on asking as to why is he upset. He stops the bike. She keeps on telling him that there is no need of thanks but Dev comes close and they share some cute moments. Dev tells that his mom didn’t drink medicine from her hand. Sona covers up the fault and they again share some emotional moments.

A source told us, “Ishwari comes back and calls Sona. She invites the whole Bose family for dinner. Bijoy doesn’t agree at first but on insistence of family members he follows them. Radha Rani is not happy with this decision of Ishwari calling Bose family for dinner.”

In the coming episodes we will see Radha Rani telling Vicky that she will not let Sona enter Dixit house again and spoil her plans. So she decides to call the girl’s family which she chose for Dev. The girl named Aarti enters Dixit house and Bose family is shocked to see her.