Sony Entertainment’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will witness a big twist soon in the upcoming episodes. The on going drama amid Ishwari and Dev-Sonakshi will take a big twist.

As we have seen already that Dev never wants Sonakshi to do any ritual (like Tulsi Pooja) forcefully. But it looks like the makers have planned for yet another big drama. Sonakshi will be seen doing fast for Navratri. Dev will get to know that Sonakshi is fasting. (Like Divyanka Fan’s Facebook Page)

Dev will think that Ishwari has forced Sonakshi to do fasting. Dev will get angry on Ishwari and he will behave rudely with Ishwari. However, Ishwari hasn’t forced Sonakshi to do fasting. Ishwari will get hurt and she will become even more insecure for Dev.

Will Dev able to balance his relationship with Ishwari and Sonakshi? Only time will tell.