Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has taken an interesting track with Sona playing an important role in unfolding the mystery of Khatri.

Sona calls Khatri and tries to trap him by offering him money. Khatri comes to meet Sona. She offers him money to leave this issue and city. Malti and Kajal are overhearing their conversation. They both come to know about the reality of Khatri. They realize their fault of trusting Khatri and apologize to Ishwari for misunderstanding her.

Sona goes back to meet Ishwari and she is happy to see her. Ishwari gives a big hug to Sonakshi thanking her alot as what she did for her was incredible. Even her own daughters could never do such a thing.

Ishwari keeps on praising her and she realises in her heart that Dev and Sonakshi’s relationship didn’t work well because of her. She tells Dev to start a new beginning of his life with Sona. Sona and Dev are shocked to hear it. Sona remembers her promise to Bijoy. She keeps thinking about it. So what would be Sona and Dev’s decision?