Sony Entertainment’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is all set for a huge twist where Ishwari becomes ready to accept Sonakshi and Dev is on cloud 9! But Dev will face a new PROBLEM…

In the coming episode, Ishwari says Dev to get his Sonakshi back and Dev becomes happy as his mother finally accepted Sonakshi. Dev goes to Sonakshi’s office¬†and proposes her for marriage and guess what? Sonakshi said NO!¬†Dev begs Sonakshi for marriage her answer remains no. Well, Dev is in same situation like Sonakshi was on breakup time, this time Dev has to beg Sonakshi but will she ever say YES or her answer remain NO?


  1. Of course she will say yes but she should not say so immediately…..she is a strong, independent girl. She also has some self respect. Moreover, Dev & his mother have insulted her family also. So she should not forgive them so easily….


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