Colors Dil Se Dil Tak is glueing the viewers  to their television sets to witness lots of twists and turns. Shorvori is back and Parth has started giving more attention to her than Teni.

Parth is habitual to Shorvori’s ways but when she wasn’t there with him, Teni had fixed a button in his kurta. So when he is trying to wear it his neck gets stuck within. He shrieks Shorvori’s name and she comes to his rescue. He gets irritated on Teni as she doesn’t know anything.

Meanwhile Dada Dadi also come to Parth’s room seeing his irritation. Dadaji suggests to get Teni married as soon as possible but Parth and Shorvori only know the truth. Dadiji explains Parth that slowly Teni will learn everything. So let’s hope Teni stays at Parth’s place for a longer period of time.