Colors’ Dil Se Dil Tak is showing fun time in the upcoming episodes. Teni is already making Parth do all those things which even Shorvori couldnt make him do. She is playing cow dung games with him and Shorvori is cooking the best of foods for Teni.

Teni leaving her chawl is missing her own house. There are lot of rules and regulations in Parth’s house and Teni is not used to such surroundings. So as Teni is pregnant her mood swings are increasing day by day. Now in the upcoming episode she wants to dance and have masti all around.

But Parth is very protective as it can hurt the child which Teni is bearing. So he decides to dance alone for the happiness and fulfulment of Teni. Parth is told to dance on Chikni Chameli just like Katrina Kaif and he is rocking with his dance. Even Shorvori is shocked to see Parth performing. So is Parth having some hidden feelings for Teni too?