Colors’ Dil se Dil Tak is showing some cute and funny moments between Teni and Parth. The series is showing the emotions emerging gradually but without Teni and Parth knowing about it.

Shorvori is about to come back and Parth is super happy. So he is decorating his whole room with flowers. Accidentally Teni falls down on Parth on the bed and lots of rose petals fall down sharing a sweet moment between them. Meanwhile Sejal is trying to manipulate and harm Teni. She makes Teni wear skating shoes and Teni is unable to handle herself. She reaches near the stairs and suddenly Parth is there to hold her. She is so scared that she hugs him tightly and Parth scolds Sejal for this act. He is going to hit her but Shorvori comes in between.

Shorvori gets angry on Parth for trying to hit Sejal. But then Teni comes and tells her the whole¬†truth. She tells that if he would have not been there then Teni would have fallen down and their kid might be no more. Shorvori feels guilty for her scolding and tries to console Parth. Let’s see what new is in store after Shorvori is back.