Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is one of the most popular and loved shows on Indian Television with a crackling chemistry between Dev and Sonakshi especially after their reunion.

Things have changed past seven years with lots of twists and drama. Ishwari has accepted wholeheartedly Sonakshi, Riya’s come back along with re-entry of Nikki and revelation of her live-in relationship with Lakshaya her boyfriend. The show will again witness the re-entry of Neha as a surprise for the viewers. But hold on this time no drama as of now.

Ishwari is very happy with her job and Dev has also accepted her aspirations. Ishwari goes to office regularly and Lakshaya becomes quite close with her. He even tells that he’s staying with a girl as in a live-in relationship without her parents knowing it. She is surprised and thinks about this parent unknown of the fact that it’s Nikki.

Ishwari calls up all her daughter’s for a family pic to her house as the old one didn’t have Sonakshi in it. We will witness the re-entry of Neha into the picture. She will come happily for a family pic. She left Ranveer and remarried. Ishwari is very happy with her whole family but somethings are still left to unfold. Are you excited for the upcoming track?