Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz will be seen witnessing high voltage drama. Shivaay and Anika’s relationship is becoming sour because Pinky is turning negative and she has also decided to separate Shivaay and Anika at any cost.

We have seen how Shivaay shouted at Anika and she was in a heartbroken condition. Later Pinky accepted that Shivaay is illegitimate child leaving Anika shocked. Although, Anika is confident Pinky won’t be able to break her relationship with Shivaay but Pinky will continue to create problems for Anika.

In the coming episodes of Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz, a new function will be seen. The Oberoi members will be seen wearing yet another interesting and unique dress. As usual, Pinky will be irked with Anika.

Pinky will taunt Anika in the function, however Shivaay will not take Anika’s side. On other hand, Shivaay will be seen worried for Priyanka. Although, Priyanka and Ranveer will seek Shivaay’s blessings. Do you think it’s high time and Shivaay should take Anika’s side going against Pinky?