Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein never fails to entertain the viewers with highs and lows in life for Ishita and Raman. As per the track, Raman was arrested in case of selling drugs and Ishita revealed to Mrs. Bhalla about she had fight with Raman. Later Shagun was seen instigating Aaliya against Raman, Ishita and their family.

We have seen how Raman gets a juice for Ishita and he spends some romantic-quality time with Ishita. She also feels Raman has changed as he also apologized to Aaliya for being a rude father-in-law. The upcoming episodes will show high voltage drama. To know more, read on…

We will see Raman and Ishita getting into a major fight because of Aaliya and Shagun adding fuel in fire. Ishita will be seen fedup of Raman and she will say that she will leave the Bhalla house if Raman don’t change. Ishita will be ready to leave the house but Raman will ultimately manage to stop her.

As per the ongoing track, Raman was upset as Shagun got Shrishti out of the jail. Furthermore, when Aaliya confronted Shagun and asked the reason behind getting Shrishti out of the jail, she stated a stupid reason. Later Ishita tried to pull Raman’s leg by appreciating Adi for getting a necklace for Aaliya. Are you excited for the upcoming episodes?