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Dear Ishita Bhalla, it’s time to speak up and ditch Raman right away! Because he totally don’t deserve you. He is dumb (he proved it once again in today’s episode) and he is actually the dumbest character in Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Even Pihu understands relationships better than you, Raman!

Today, Raman insulted Ishita and accused her for everything. He did AGAIN! Umm.. I guess he did thousand times and what had been Ishita’s reply? TEARS! Yes, she cried again instead of shutting his mouth and lecturing him the value of relationship. Raman, today you taunted Ishita by calling her jagatmata, but Mr. Bhalla – tell me one thing, why would she like to behave jagatmata if you had been smart?

Raman, you don’t understand importance of relationships. You try to solve problems by neglecting or closing the matter – because you want quick solutions. Ishita never wants to hide anything as trust is important in any relationship in fact even if its a business.

Dear Ishita, you are well educated. It’s time to get back to clinic and ignore Raman. Let him understand your importance. Concentrate on your clinic, start your own dedicated clinic. So readers, this was my small rant – what do you think? Give us an in-depth analysis in the comments below.