Sony Television’s Ek Duje Ke Vaaste is going to witness new twists and turns post marriage of Shravan and Suman. As we know Ramnath is not happy with Shravan and Suman’s marriage.

In the coming episode, Ramnath will decide to keep Shravan and Suman separate post their marriage. As if Shravan and Suman patch up happens then Nirmala’s entry will indeed happen. Hence, Ramnath will try to create bitterness amid Shravan and Suman in the upcoming episodes.


  1. The twists and turns in ShraMan’s life r expected as after taking revenge, Kamini’s new agenda would be to create as much misunderstandings as possible between two sisters; on the other hand, Ramnath would not waste a single opportunity to malign Sumon’s image in Shravan’s mind. Even before the authors revealed these facts, one could guess what would be going to happen in the upcoming episodes.


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