LIFE OK’s Ghulam is all set to show some romance and emotions between Rangeela and Shivani. Veer has been cruel to Shivani and has tortured her alot. Shivani is told to dance on broken pieces of glass.

Shivani dances on it just to save Rangeela’s life and is extremely hurt by the act. Even Rangeela has hurt himself as Shivani is dancing on top of him. Now after this punishment, Rangeela tries to calm down Shivani and help her in healing her wounds.

Meanwhile Maldawali is always trying to trap Rangeela in her love and lust but Rangeela is all dedicated to Veer. He even scolds Maldawali and advises her to take care of her family and husband. Rangeela has started developing feelings for Shivani somewhere in the corner of his heart unknowingly. So let’s hope he realises his love for Shivani and frees her from all the pain.