Life OK’s Ghulam has already completed its half century and viewers are enjoying its high voltage drama and twists. Shivani has already been married to Veer but actually to Rangeela; so she has been facing lot of tortures and unwanted demands.

Now it has been proposed by Ardh Nareshwar baba that for Shivani to get pregnant she has to increase her weight by ten kilos so as to hold the baby in her womb. Shivani is not ready to become a mother at such a small age. But Veer and his mother are willing for a son who will be a forerunner for his family.

Veer has warned Rangeela that if Shivani is not eating healthy foods then he will have to hang himself or be tortured everyday. Shivani seeing Rangeela’s condition goes in her room and eats all the eggs, paranthas with ghee etc. So now Shivani is falling slowly in love with Rangeela and she is doing all the small things a wife should do. So excited for the track viewers!