Sony Entertainments Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will witness some new twists and turns in the upcoming episodes. As the viewers are currently witnessing Neha and Ranveer’s separation track where Dev and Sonakshi are confused on how to sort the problems amid Neha Ranveer. A

As Dev promised Ishwari, he will do something and if you are wondering what would be Dev’s step, we will tell you. Shared a reliable source, “Dev would be confused on how to sort out the problems amid her sister life. As Neha is not understanding, Dev will decide to make Ranveer understand.

“Dev will try to call Ranveer to talk about Neha, but unfortunately Ranveer will not pick up the call. Dev will get even more tensed as his sister’s life is getting destroyed.” The ego clashes amid Neha and Ranveer will end their relationship? Will Dev and Sonakshi¬†able to reunite Neha and Ranveer?