Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is witnessing the high and lows of human relationships. The readily acceptance of a mother in law for a girl who is her son’s wife has been beautifully portrayed.

Everything is going perfect as per a happy family with small hiccups in between. Sonakshi has returned back and is trying to get her family back together. Riya has come back with her husband Kapil and daughter Aarohi. We will see Neha also coming back for a family get together. It’s only Nikki who is still angry with her whole family.

Riya meets Nikki and shares her feelings of Dev coming to her house and apologising to her. She forgot everything and accepted him. On the other hand, Sonakshi tells Ishwari about Nikki’s boyfriend but not about her live in relationship. Ishwari calls every one at her house for a family pic and get together. All Dixit sisters come home and to Ishwari’s surprise Nikki is there along with Ishwari’s boss Lakshaya.

Ishwari is stunned to see both of them together and furious after knowing the truth of her live-in relationship. She is not ready to accept such a thing from Nikki. She shouts and a huge drama awaits amidst the happy moments. Riya complains to Dev and Sonakshi that she knew this is going to happen and this was the reason she never wanted to be back in that house. Nikki leaves in anger. What will be Dev and Sonakshi’s next step?