Sony Entertainment’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi have been witnessing high voltage drama post breakup of Dev and Sonakshi, but as Ishwari is now ready for Dev and Sonakshi marriage, the happy days are back for DevAkshi fans?

As Dev tells truth to Ishwari in drunken state and Ishwari witnesses Dev’s rude behavior towards her, she takes a big decision of Dev’s life. Ishwari knows that keeping Dev away from Sonakshi will also make Dev away from Ishwari. However, to get her son back, the mother decides to reunite Dev and Sonakshi again by getting them married. Ishwari will agree for marriage of Dev-Sonakshi and after showing some pamper Sonakshi too agrees for the alliance. Wondering about Ritwick? Wish Jai Soni a good luck for his future shows and movies! Are you excited for reunion of Dev and Sonakshi?



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