Sonakshi, Suhaana, Dev & Ishwari

Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will witness some dhamakedar twists in the upcoming track. It will be seen that Sonakshi will call Dev and they will meet. As reported by us earlier, Dev and Sonakshi’s first major confrontation over Suhaana will be seen. Sonakshi will tell Dev that Dixit family insulted her and forced her to leave when Sonakshi returned back with Suhaana.

After Ishwari and Suhaana’s face off, Dev will reveal the truth to Ishwari. When Dev will reveal how Dixit family has insulted Sonakshi when she came with her infant baby, Suhaana. However, Ishwari will give her clarification that she had no idea about Suhaana. Ishwari will cry and she will regret of her doings. Dev will regret as well. Furthermore, Dev will make a major announcement.

Dev will tell Ishwari about how hard time it would have been for Sonakshi to take care of Suhaana alone and give her good upbringings. Ishwari will be seen disappointed when Dev announce his decision of giving Suhaana time and nobody at Dixit family would meet her unless Suhaana don’t accept Dixit family. What will happen next? Will Suhaana accept Dev and his family?