Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is witnessing one of the most loved tracks of Dev’s feelings towards Sonakshi although she is unable to accept it.

Sonakshi is unable to digest the fact that Dev’s love is becoming like an obsession for her. He follows her every where and keeps a track of her whereabouts. Sona gets irritated and misunderstandings start. On the other hand, Vicky is planning something big against Dev to destroy him.

As reported earlier, Vicky plans to steal the new software which Dev is about to launch for his company. Meanwhile, Vicky speaks to Thakkar Dev’s rival and during his conversation reveals that he had auctioned Sona’s house seven years back to create misunderstanding between Dev and Sonakshi. By chance, Elena and Sonakshi overhear his conversation and she gets angry over Vicky.

Sona asks him as to why did he do such a thing. She gets irritated and mamiji even overhears the whole conversation. Unexpectedly, Mamiji apologizes to Sona for the same. We know this is going to be quite a big shock for all the viewers. Let’s wait for the upcoming track. Are you excited for it?