Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is now gearing up for one of the most entertaining tracks where the revelation and confrontation will shock the viewers. As we reported before, the Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness yet another leap of one and a half year, it will bring a major change to the storyline.

As per the ongoing track, Ishita and Raman are heartbroken as Nikhil has threatened to ruin Ruhi’s life in order to take revenge from Raman. Ishita is worried as Raman cries, despite being heartbroken, Ishita becomes his strength and they finally plans to stop this marriage at any cost and hence they decide to reveal the entire truth to Ruhi.

Nikhi who is extremely¬†smart will use Ishira and Raman’s plan to backfire them. In the coming episodes, Nikhil will prove that Ishita and Raman are planning to break his and Ruhi’s marriage, devasted Ruhi will decide to leave Ishita and Raman forever!

The girl who claims to have grown up will leave the Bhalla house with Nikhil and run away to Europe, according to the latest report. Ishita and Raman will run to find Ruhi and pledge¬†to save her from Nikhil’s masterplan. What will happen next? The viewers will need to wait and watch to know more!


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