Sony Entertainment Television is all to rock the viewers with it’s mind blowing twists. Maya has become all the more obsessed with Arjun after her three years of marriage. Arjun has realized Maya’s over possessive nature and wants to leave her.

But Maya is smart in trapping Arjun through his mother Vandana. Saanjh is back and she wants all the old relations of Arjun reunited. So she gears up with Aayan. Maya is not in town presently so Arjun can even take a breath.

Saanjh brings both the brothers Aayan and Arjun face‚Äč to face in a hotel near the swimming pool to sort out the issues. But to her surprise they both start fighting and arguing. Seeing their argument Saanjh pushes both of them into the swimming pool. Arjun plays with Aayan showing his elderly behavior and they reunite by hugging each other and realising their mistakes. Saanjh is very happy to see both the brothers together. Let’s wait for Maya’s reaction on reunion of the brothers.