Sony Entertainment Television’s Beyhadh will be seen witnessing a lot of new twists and turns in the upcoming episodes. As reported by us earlier, Saanjh will come to know Maya’s secret but her investigation against Maya would backfire her.

As per reports, Ashwin will once again threaten Maya about revealing the truth. While Maya starts panicking but she slaps Ashwin once again.¬†Furthermore, Arjun will confront Saanjh that she is not happy with his and Maya’s alliance.

Saanjh will be shocked by Arjun’s accusation and she will now decide to maintain distance from Arjun and Maya. We have heard that Saanjh will not even attend some functions of Arjun and Maya’s wedding. Whereas, Arjun will be seen missing his dusky amid the rituals.

The problems in Arjun and Maya’s wedding rituals will continue but the actual drama unfolds when the second murder takes place in the show. Maya’s father will be found dead amid the ceremony. This will leave everyone shock and Jhanvi would be heartbroken. Has Maya killed her father Ashwin in order to save her wedding?