Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will witness some new twists and turns. It will be De’s birthday and the real drama will unfold!


UMeAurTV: Dev seems to be upset and Sonakshi as well. It is Dixit house. Sonakshi serves cake to family members. Its DevAkshi room, Dev is upset, guilty but Sonakshi is not saying anything. Dev and Sonakshi were going to romance but Dev’s sisters spoiled it.


SBAS: Ishwari learns that Dev had planned to go out with Sonakshi. She pretends to be upset as she spoiled her son’s plan. Dev is worried and he will have to face angry Sonakshi.

SBS: Dev celebrated his birthday

SBS: Same as above. Dev and Ishwari seen feeding cake to each other and Ishwari is emotional.