Sony Entertainment’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will witness new twists and turns in coming episodes as we have seen already that Ishwari’s insecurities are increasing day by day and Sonakshi is quite aware about Ishwari’s intentions.


SBS: Ishwari has fallen sick suddenly and Dev is seen taking care of her. Everything was ready for Dev – Sonakshi honeymoon however suddenly Ishwari’s new drama started and Sonakshi is somehow aware about Ishwari’s drama. Dev said Mama Jee that he will not go anywhere. Hence the honeymoon got cancelled. Asha and Bijoy also came to meet Dev-Sonakshi before they leave for their honeymoon.



SBAS: The honeymoon of Dev-Sonakshi’s was of 15 days hence Ishwari could not stay away from her son 15 days and she got sick, and stick to the bed.

Ishwari won the match against Sonakshi? Will Dev able to understand Ishwari’s insecurities?