Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has recently witnessed the most awaited confrontation between Dev and Sonakshi. Dev had doubt on Sonakshi and Jatin’s relationship. However, the confrontation between Dev and Sonakshi has cleared many misunderstandings but the awaited reunion is yet to be seen.

SBS: Dev is seen unhappy as he hated Ishwari for past 7 years. Dev could not help Ishwari in these 7 years. Dev cries when he looks at his and Ishwari’s picture, he feels helpless as he wasn’t able to help Ishwari when she needed him, as he was angry.

Later Sonakshi enters the room and finds heartbroken Dev. She confronts Dev about the matter. Sonakshi consoles Dev and wipes his tears, she tells that he can still make‚Äč things fine. Later Dev and Sonakshi are running behind each to apply cake on face.