Sony Entertainment’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will witness some romantic moments in life of Dev and Sonakshi soon in the upcoming episodes!

IBN 7: Dev aur Sonakshi mely chupkey chupkey and hugs each other – CLICK HERE TO WATCH


SBAS: It shows Dev and Sonakshi are meeting on backyard of Bose Family. They shares cute emotional-romantic moments and they are happy with each as Sonakshi and Dev finally get married.


SBS: Sonakshi and Dev are meeting and they hug each other. Ishwari told Dev and Sonakshi that what they have to do if they want to divorce. However, Dev and Sonakshi fans you are not required to worry as they are finally marrying.


SBB: Dev is worried that he lose Sonakshi and he hugs her emotionally. Sonakshi consoles Dev that will be united forever and cheers him.