Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will witness some new twist and turns soon in the coming episodes.


IBN 7 August 29: Dev has arranged date for Ritwik and Sonakshi. Both Ritwik-Sonakshi are unaware about Dev’s special for them. Sonakshi gets very angry on Dev and she insults him infront of Ritwik. Sonakshi throws the flower bookey and Dev is very upset.


SBS August 29 Promo: Dev is drunk and creates a drama in Ritwik-Sonakshi date. He has arranged the date. Sonakshi is very angry and gets into a heated argument. Dev is heartbroken and says I will be always in Sonakshi’s heart. Where Ritwik smartly taunts Dev and both RitAkshi leaves and Dev is looking at them.

SBB August 29: It’s Sonakshi and Ritwik’s first date arranged by Dev. Dev comes in between and takes the menu card from Ritwik’s hand. Sonakshi keeps insulting Dev infronnt of Ritwik and he really hurt!