Sony Entertainment’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi have been entertaining us with highs and lows amid Dev and Sonakshi. But as now Dev and Sonakshi are going to get married in upcoming episode, good days are waiting ahead for viewers!


SBS: Ishwari is literally begging Bose family for Dev and Sonakshi marriage. Ishwari says the child love each so they should get them married for their happiness. However, Bijoy gets angry and shouts at Ishwari. Bijoy says Sonakshi will live unmarried for whole life but he will not let her marrying Dev. Bijoy shows Ishwari door and indirectly says her “get out”, Ishwari looks at Sonakshi from door’s glass, Ishwari is disappointed.


SBAS: Ishwari begs Bose family but Bose family’s answer remained NO for Dev and Sonakshi marriage.