Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has taken a new turn after the entry of Khatri. Sonakshi is now aware of the truth that Ishwari was sacred of Khatri and the man has something to do with Dixit family’s past. As per the current track, Sonakshi had also seek Dev’s help to learn more about Khatri. In fact, later Sonakshi will confront Radha Rani about Dixit family’s enemy.

SBS: Sonakshi has reached to chaul; an old colony that has connection with Dixit family or Khatri. Soanskhi is seen trying to find some clues and details about the relationship Khatri and Ishwari has. Later Sonakshi confronts a woman.

The other scene is of Golu, Soha and Sonakshi playing games and nobody else are there. Sonakshi will be seen offering a sum of money to Khatri as well. And later Dev will decide to leave the Dixit; find out the reason by clicking here.