yeh hai mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness major twist and turns as everyone will come to know about Shagun’s real evil intentions.

After 7 years of the leap, we have seen Shagun as a very good mother and taking care of Puhi. Most of us wondered why Shagun is taking care of Pihu as she is Ishita’s daughter. It seems Shagun is just using Pihu to fulfil her needs!

In the coming episode of Yeh hai Mohabbatein we will see more about Shagun’s intentions. A new report claimed that Shagun is using Pihu to get married to Raman and for her re-entry in Bhalla house. In short, she doesn’t love Pihu!!

Later on, Shagun will use Pihu to keep Ishita away from Raman. It will be now seen, how Ishita will handle Shagun and what will be Pihu’s reaction after knowing Shagun’s real face!


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