Yeh Hai Mohobatein

Oh, dear Ekta, she is again planning new twist and turns for Star Plus most popular daily soap, Yeh hai Mohabbatein.

As per reported by us earlier, Ishita will get shot by goons while saving Ruhi. Ishita and Ruhi will reunite and Raman will also get closer to Ishita. As suspected by most the viewers, Shagun will not like that Raman is getting closer to Ishita. Hence, in Ishita’s absence, she will plan┬áto win Ruhi, Raman and Adi’s trust.

Later on, Shagun will plan to marry Raman again and she will plan to make her presence permanent in Bhalla house.

Will Shagun able to succeed in her plans again? Shout out with your thoughts in the comings below.


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