Shaheer Sheikh is one of the most loved and popular actor in Indian Television Industry. His female fans are crazy for him especially after his chemistry with Erica Fernandes. Recently he gave an interview with a radio channel and his interview has lots of surprises awaiting for his beloved fans. His interviews are a treat for all his Birdies as he has given this name to his fans which the radio jockey mentioned during his interview.

He was asked enormous questions about Erica especially but he is quite smart to shun away himself from the controversies. Some fan asked him as to who would he choose for friendship, marriage and sister amongst Pooja, Saumya and Erica. For sister he gave Pooja as an option but for marriage he just laughed. It’s ok Shaheer we know the truth.

Then he told about his good habit which he has developed recently of drinking water with vinegar and honey from past two months right in the morning and his bad habit of sleeping late. He likes more of adventure like cars, bikes etc. He gives all credit of his success to himself as he works extremely hard for it but his parents have supported him alot.

One interesting thing came up which his fans are still asking him continuously about his haircut as well as which brands of shampoo and conditioner he uses. Actually Erica had planted this question in the minds of those fans which was later revealed by the interviewer. His answers were very apt stating that one shoot for his movie is still left due to which he needs his long hair.

But fans are quite smart in asking him about small things especially in case of Erica. He was questioned as to what was the gift he gave Erica on his bday but Shaheer is even smarter. He replied he gave her a watch at her birthday last year but this time he doesn’t remember it. Really Shaheer you don’t remember it or want to keep it something secretive. Hmm. What say viewers?