Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has been entertaining us with Dev and Sonakshi’s sizzling chemistry. The fiction couple are said to be dating in real life. We are talking about Shaheer Sheikh aka Dev Dixit and Erica Fernandes aka Sonakshi Bose in real life.

In an interview with Sabras Radio, the interviewer asked Shaheer Sheikh some really tricky questions but Shaheer Sheikh was smart enough to reply back to those questions in a most tricky. Wondering what he was asked exactly? Read on…

Shaheer Sheikh was asked enormous questions about Erica Fernandes especially but he is quite smart to shun away himself from the controversies. Some fan asked him as to who would he choose for friendship, marriage and sister.

Amongst Pooja, Saumya and Erica. For sister he gave Pooja as an option but for marriage he just laughed. It’s ok Shaheer we know the truth, don’t we? There has been rumours of Shaheer Sheikh and Erica Fernandes dating each other but none of them has accepted in public yet. What do you think about Shaheer’s reply?