Shaheer Sheikh is a well known personality in Television Industry both in India as well as in Indonesia. He has immense fan following especially females of all age groups.

Right now he is shooting for a movie named Maipu and Datu Museng in Indonesia. This movie depicts the story of love and sacrifice on the same ‚Äčlines of Romeo and Juliet. In this movie we will be seeing Shaheer portraying the role of Datu Museng who feels in love with Maipu. But she is destined to get married to someone else. So the grandfather of Datu Museng sends him to Mecca to get some saintly knowledge.

Maipu and Datu Museng gets separated. But what is the future story for this we have to wait and watch it. According to sources, they both die at the end because Maipu’s last wish was to die with Datu Museng and it is fulfilled. The story is beautiful with Shaheer being the perfect choice for the character. What do you think so?