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Co-stars Shaheer Sheikh and Erica Fernandes are rumoured to be good friends. The actors recently celebrated friendship day together and the producer’s tweets created buzz among the fans. In an interview with Mid-Day, Shaheer Sheikh revealed that he is protective of his co-star Erica Fernandes.

As every daily soap is temporary, Shaheer wants Erica to also focus on her YouTube channel. Erica’s YouTube is popular and she is indeed able to make money from those videos. “I tell her to simultaneously focus on her YouTube channel,” says Shaheer.

We shoot 15 scenes a day, compared to two or three that we would can on a film set,”¬†We clicked instantly, hit it off on the first day. I’m glad to be working with him,” Erica said in support of Shaheer.

“I spend a lot of time learning my dialogues so that when it comes to performing the scene, I can focus on my act, and not fumble with words. Earlier, I found it hard to emote, but after working on Indonesian films, I have got better at it,” Shaheer concludes.


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