The handsome hunk, Shaheer Sheikh will celebrate this Diwali in a new style by supporting the Make In India campaign. India is going to celebrate Diwali tomorrow and everyone would use decorated Diya and Chinese products. But, Shaheer has a message for his fans, he wants you all to celebrate Diwali using Indian products.

Shaheer commented, “Why ban Chinese products only on Diwali? We should always choose products manufactured in India over the imported ones. It would certainly help our economy and create jobs for own people. Our government has launched “Make In India” campaign and now it’s our responsibility to come together and make it a big success. I will celebrate this Diwali with “mitti ka diya” instead of imported decorative¬†items”.

Indeed, you are right Shaheer! We hope the message from Shaheer will inspire you. We wish you and your family a Prosperous and Happy Diwali!