ZEE TV’s Zindagi ki Mehek is on a roller coaster ride with lots of twists and turns in the upcoming track. Mehek has already disapproved Shaurya’s marriage proposal in the metro train.

But Shaurya is madly in love with Mehek and has taken this vow to win her trust and love again. So he brings Band Baaja Baraat to get married to her on his own. Mehek is still not ready for the marriage but Shaurya is ready to do anything for Mehek.

Meanwhile Mehek’s Chachi has sent some goons to control and stop Shaurya from all the arrangements. The goons try to explain him but he doesn’t understand so they hit him badly. Shaurya accepts it for some time explaining them but it crosses the limit he hits them back too. Will Mehek realize Shaurya’s love for her forgiving and accepting him?