ZEE TV’s Zindagi Ki Mehek is witnessing some high emotional drama and outbursts making the serial more interesting. When you don’t get those things you want the yearning increases.

Shaurya has been arrested by Mehek’s family members so that Mehek’s marriage can successfully happen. But Mehek is not able to control her tears as she is stuck between her family and Shaurya. Mehek loves Shaurya dearly but she can’t express her love to him.

Mehek has gone to meet Shaurya at the police station but she doesn’t meet him as her family members are a big hurdle; she herself is not able to take a firm decision. She keeps on crying and hiding from Shaurya just to have a glance of him. Love knows no boundaries. So will Mehek be able to convince her family and cross this hurdle successfully?