ZEE TV’s Zindagi Ki Mehek is witnessing some high voltage drama and twists. The series is being loved by lots of people especially after the return of Shaurya into Mehek’s life.

Shaurya did lot of things in order to gain Mehek and her family’s confidence. Finally he succeeds in his mission to win Mehek. He realizes his immense love for her and decides to live his life happily with her. So in his psychotic love he gives all his property in the name of Mehek. She is shocked to see such a side of Shaurya.

However Shaurya’s dad doesn’t agree to his decision and they develop a disagreement between each other. The argument goes to such an extent that his father slaps Shaurya. All the family members including Mehek are shocked.

Even Shaurya doesn’t accept it. He takes a decision of leaving the house but Mehek accompanies him. They both decide to start their life afresh. They leave the comforts and luxurious life and tend to start a new life altogether. Will they both be successful in their decision?