Star Plus’s Ishqbaaz has been an entertainer with its interesting twists and turns. The show currently revolves around Anika’s lost memory drama. Shivaay tried his level best to bring Anika’s memory back but nothing seems to be in his favor.

In the coming episodes of Star Plus’s Ishqbaaz, Anika will soon find a shocking news that Tia is carrying Shivaay’s baby and Shivaay has planned to divorce Anika. Furthermore, Anika will feel that she cannot conceive and become a mother!

Shivaay will soon announce that he is going to marry Tia leaving the Oberois shocked. Why will Shivaay take this drastic step? Furthermore, Shivaay will order Anika to do his wedding preparation. Is this plan of Shivaay to help Anika recall her lost memory? (Also Read: WHAT!? Swetlena and Tia tries to kill Anika but Shivaay to save Anika in Star Plus’s Ishqbaaz).