Shivaay and Anika’s life is full of problems and they will continue to face new problems in the upcoming track of Ishqbaaz. The show has taken a 3 months of leap and post that the separation track of Shivaay-Anika has been introduced to the story line.

Although, Shivaay and Anika love each other but the misunderstandings had been the reason for their separation. Shivaay and Anika will soon come face-to-face. They will be confronting each other but a new drama is ahead in their life.

As we know Chanda has helped Anika a lot and Anika will be ready to help her too. So it will happen so, Chanda’s mother will fix her marriage and she will hate it. As she is already in love with someone else, she will decide to not marry him.

But the things will move forward and engagement day will be there. To Chanda, Anika will take her place and will be there to get engaged to the man. It now remains to be seen whether Anika get engaged or not?