Star Plus’s Ishqbaaz will be seen witnessing a lot of new twists and turns. Anika is in Tia’s clutches and Tia will confuse Anika a lot in the upcoming track. Tia will make Anika believe that she cannot conceive hence Shivaay hired Tia as surrogate mother of Shivaay and Anika’s child!

After Anika learns about her infertility, she will shatter and she would be heartbroken. Seeing Anika crying and screaming about her infertility problem. Shivaay will come to take care of Anika. Shivaay will kiss Anika and make her sleep.

Furthermore, Anika will be seen dreaming about her daughter “Shivika” and she will continue crying. However, Shivaay will get frustrated with Anika. Will Shivaay able to bring Anika’s memory back in Star Plus’s Ishqbaaz? (Also Read:┬áThe MAJOR revelation to happen in Star Plus’s Ishqbaaz).