Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz is now set to witness yet another interesting drama where Shivaay will be seen plotting against Veer in order to expose him. As we seen in one of the latest episodes where Veer has been seen proving that Anika has some mental problems.

While Anika is shocked when Shivaay says that he understands that Anika has gone mad. on the other hand, Svetlana is ruining the life of Oberoi. The upcoming episodes of Ishqbaaz will showcase high voltage drama.

According to a report, Anika will be seen heartbroken after learning Shivaay’s decision. While the reality is that Shivaay is planning something and he will pack Anika’s bag. Shivaay decides to leave Anika forever.

While Veer feels that his plan was successful but in reality this is Shivaay and Tia’s master plan. Shivaay is well aware of the fact that Anika is not mad.