Life OK’s Ghulam had fun and frolic during the holi festival and now the high voltage drama has set in to make the viewers excited for the upcoming romantic track between Rangeela and Shivani.

According to Ardh Nareshwar baba Shivani has to increase her weight by ten kilos to bear a child abiding by Veer’s mother’s wish. But Shivani is not ready to listen to them. So Veer decides to trap Rangeela and he warns that if Shivani’s weight is not increased he will hang him till death. Shivani seeing this starts eating food.

Shivani has already developed feelings for Rangeela and she is trying to express it through her body language. But Rangeela tells her to be stay away from him; Shivani has accepted him as her husband due to her marriage with him. Even Rashmi is teasing him. She is trying all possible ways to stay with him and show her love. So let’s see how Rangeela reacts to Shivani’s love.